Progress to Date

Progress to date

There has been significant progress made towards rebuilding and revitalizing areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster.  Nevertheless, in the disaster-hit areas and elsewhere in the country, many people's lives are still greatly inconvenienced as a result of the damage caused. This includes those who are still unable to return to their homes even now because of the nuclear accident.

Accelerating reconstruction is a priority of the Government of Japan, in order to ensure those affected can return to their homes and towns, and provide the foundations for broader economic revitalization to support livelihoods and growth over the long-term. Efforts to rebuild resilient communities, restore livelihoods of those in disaster areas, and promote regional revitalization are all underway, strongly supported by the Reconstruction Agency.

In the immediate aftermath of the March 2011 disaster, essential public services, utilities and infrastructure were quickly restored and debris was effectively cleared, allowing many to resume their daily lives and restore damaged businesses. 

The Reconstruction Agency maintains its essential role as the 'Control Tower' coordinating all reconstruction efforts, with work continuing in a number of important areas. These include continued efforts towards the removal of debris, rebuilding infrastructure and housing, issues surrounding the Fukushima crisis, advancing decontamination, improving food safety, boosting local industry and economy and promoting investment and tourism.


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