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New Tohoku

▼ What is the “New Tohoku”?  
The ultimate goal of the reconstruction efforts is to revitalize cities in Tohoku. To that end, while the rebuilding of infrastructure and housing is in progress, recovery of livelihoods and activities of the communities is essential. The challenges facing all rural areas in Japan, such as population decline, aging, and the hollowing out of industry, are particularly pronounced in disaster-affected areas. The affected areas are facing unique challenges as well in reconstructing from the disaster. The Reconstruction Agency names the efforts toward the establishment of autonomous and sustainable communities by finding solutions to different challenges as “New Tohoku.” The Agency offers various types of support to parties involved in cooperative efforts to develop a “New Tohoku,” including local governments, private companies, universities, and NPOs in disaster-affected areas. newtohoku_logo01.jpg
▼ Detailed Activities  

Measures to Promote the “New Tohoku”

The Reconstruction Agency has implemented a number of different measures to promote the “New Tohoku.”

■ Creation of Leading Model Projects


Supports leading efforts by a wide range of actors (businesses, universities, NPOs) to solve problems in the local area.


Presents awards for business ideas that contribute to regional development and the reconstruction of local industries in disaster-affected areas to support the development and implementation of the idea.

■Anchoring the Model and Expansion to Other Areas


For the promotion of coordination among various actors involved in reconstruction (business, universities, NPOs, etc.), the council conducts activities to support sharing and exchange of the information about their efforts for reconstruction.

― subcommittees ―
Strengthening of mechanism to attract funding for businesses in disaster-affected areas.
Offerring effective support for private companies in disaster-affected areas that are taking on the challenge to develop creative business activities.
For the promotion of new initiatives by the affected local governments, in cooperation with “regional revitalization” efforts, the network creates public-private partnerships, and improves specific support measures to find solutions to challenges.

The efforts to match the needs of both disaster-affected and outside areas by dispatching human resources from companies.

■Public Relations efforts for “New Tohoku”


Promotes the strategic public relations taking advantage of the creative ideas of the private sector and broad networks.

Press Releases


Access press releases related the “New Tohoku” here.

Archives of the related meetings (e.g. Reconstruction Promotion Committee)