Collaborations with Affected Areas

We are working in collaboration with the disaster-affected areas toward the Tokyo 2020 Games, which is based on the “Recovery Olympics” philosophy.

Reconstruction Olympics and Paralympics Liaison and Coordination Council

The Reconstruction Agency liaises and coordination with Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima Prefectures and at the same time chairs “Reconstruction Olympics and Paralympics Liaison and Coordination Council” meetings on relevant initiatives.

“Recovery Olympics” Events for Children

Although the Tokyo Games have been postponed from the summer of 2020 to the summer of 2021 due to COVID-19, the core idea of the “Recovery Olympics” remain the same. The Reconstruction Agency will continue to work on fostering momentum in the disaster-affected areas through the “Recovery Olympics” and disseminate information on the reconstruction progress. In order to Based on the above, the Reconstruction Agency is currently planning pre-events such as sports events for children to prepare for the “Recovery Olympic”s to realize the purpose of the “Recovery Olympics” throughout the disaster-affected areas.