Case Studies of Business Recovery in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, 2019-2020

MIYAGIIndustry typeTechnical services business, waste processing businessRepresentativeSUETSUGU Takahide [Representative Director]Address3-2-4 Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo Head Oce)14-1 Shimohoroke, Shizugawa, Minamisanriku-cho,Motoyoshi-gun, Miyagi Prefecture (Minamisanriku BIO)TEL.+81 (0)3-5215-8255 (Tokyo Head Oce)+81 (0)226-47-4055 (Minamisanriku BIO)URLhttps://www.aise.jpAmita Corporation is a company pursuing solutions to resource issues such as waste recycling and the realization of a sustainable society as a business. With its stated mis-sion of achieving a sustainable society, Amita constructed Minamisanriku BIO, a facility that uses biomass technolo-gies, in the town of Minamisanriku. Working with the local government, Amita has been deeply involved with town development following the Great East Japan Earthquake.Will further promote the now-underway industrial city concept in the future.AMITA CORPORATIONRegeneration and establishment of businesses in disaster-affected areas /Locating company in the disaster-affected areasThe Minamisanriku BIO facility, created through an industrial city concept with the public-private partnership, operating in cooperation with citizens02SummaryOperates the Minamisanriku BIO, a facility based on the Biomass Industrial City Concept which turns raw waste into resources.Forged links with Minamisanriku town through volunteer efforts following the disaster.Children touring Minamisanriku BIO and commemorative photosE6

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