Case Studies of Business Recovery in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, 2019-2020

The company strengthened its competencies with targets that enable employees to work as one.I can see how the company places value on “pleasing customers” even amid unprecedented circumstances as well as its approach that enables employees to gain even stronger competency by creating a new credo and establishing the easy-to-understand goal of being “the number-one hotel in Tohoku.”Points for successRaise the level of the “spirit of hospitality” by promoting diversity.Meeting diverse customer needs, Hana-maki Onsen will be able to make a great achievement by establishing new play areas and accepting foreign and various customers. I hope it further upgrades its “spirit of hospitality” to keep customers happy for the next 100 years.Points of expectationComments and evaluationby Editorial board memberTAMURA Taro01Hanamaki Onsen Co., Ltd.1Hanamaki Onsen operates four lodging facilities 2The rose garden opened in 1960. Around 450 types of roses can be enjoyed 3The hot water of Hanamaki Onsen is gentle and the moisture easily permeates the skin 4Employees embody the spirit of hospitality with the Credo serving as their model 5Ando assumed his post of President in 2014 6Sasaki took command when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck 78The Onsen Bakery opened in 2019. The bakery is famous for its Hanamaki Onsen sweet rolls filled with red bean paste 9The Credo is distributed to each and every employee56987challenge of promoting an assortment of initiatives. We of course undertake repairs to non-visible aspects of our operations, such as repairs to boilers and elevators. However, without doing something in visible form, I believe we will be unable to achieve growth or development.” Currently, the company is in the middle of the third period of its six-period guest room renova-tion plan and is also progressing with exterior renovation one facility at a time. Employees are working inunison to realize the goal of being the number-one hotel and ryokan in TohokuThe company celebrated its 88th anniver-sary in 2015 and marked its 90th anniver-sary in 2017. The company’s goal for the future in the run-up to its 100th anniver-sary is to “Become the Number-One Hotel and Ryokan in Tohoku by 2030.” It aims to be number-one in Tohoku in all aspects of its business, including cus-tomer acclaim, employee satisfaction, and its business condition. Ando says, “There are many things we must do to attain our goal. So we must build on each achievement day by day.”In 2016, “Kibo-kyo Iwate National Sports Festival / Kibo-kyo Iwate National Sports Festival for Disabled” was held in Iwate Prefecture and this attracted many guests to the hotel from across Japan. At that time, the Imperial Family, including Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress and the Crown Prince, stayed at the hotel, making the name Hanamaki Onsen also known overseas.Hanamaki Onsen is also focusing on responding to inbound tourists. In August 2018, international scheduled flights linking Hanamaki and Taiwan began service. In response to the increase in tourists from Taiwan, the company held inbound semi-nars for employees and opened an on-premises drugstore for foreigners. Demand is expected to increase further in the future.Hanamaki Onsen is responding quickly to the currents of the time and continues to evolve. Ando emphasizes that “Our 100th anniversary does not mark an ending. We will create a business environ-ment enabling us to do business locally well into in the future with confidence.” Sasaki also explains with enthusiasm, “The president acts quickly in undertaking improvements and reforms. We will make efforts so that our employees quickly understand this idea and we will head in the same direction with a single purpose.”“One Heart, one mind” are the words written on the cover of the Credo that all employees continually possess. The management team and employees who have overcome the Great East Japan Earthquake and nurtured strong bonds will work together and push ahead to realize its goal of “Number-One Hotel and Ryokan in Tohoku.”CredoThis refers to wording that concisely expresses the beliefs, values, codes of conduct, and management guidelines that companies should keep in mind. Unlike the company-wide vision, these are the guidelines for the actions of each and every employee.E5

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