Case Studies of Business Recovery in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, 2019-2020

FUKUSHIMAIndustry typeManufacture of beverages, tobaccos and feedstuRepresentativeSUZUKI Koichi [Representative Partner]Address2 Inuiotsu, Aizu Bange-machi,Kawanuma-gun, Fukushima PrefectureTEL.+81 (0)242-83-2065URLhttps://akebono-syuzou.comAt Akebono Shuzo, which was founded more than 100 years ago in Aizu Bange-machi, its sixth successor, Suzuki Koichi, is now in charge of sake brewing embarked on re-form aer the Great East Japan Earthquake. The reform has rejuvenated it and created a positive atmosphere. Having won a Gold Prize at the National New Sake Fair for three consecutive years from 2013, the brewery began to shine again and has increased its production by about 3.8 times the pre-disaster level.To make better sake, the brewery worked to improve its working environment and upgraded its production equipment.Akebono Shuzo Co., Ltd.Business successionFour young people making a new start to become “a brewery that can pass on something to the local community”06SummaryThey keenly engaged in production of sake, including sake-based liqueur and “disaster relief” sake.When Suzuki announced his vision, all veteran staff resigned, leaving only two young employees.Representative Partner Suzuki, emphasizing the importance of sharing a vision from 10 to 20 years from now with employeesE22

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