Case Studies of Business Recovery in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, 2019-2020

04an idea to use local produce in LIFE STOCK. Expanding LIFE STOCK into diverse fields is driven by Shimada’s unique business management skills.Disaster prevention system effective worldwide, reaching beyond TohokuShimada is also developing a system to assess the disaster preparedness of a region and simulate its stockpiling of emergency supplies.“We have received funding from a medical corporation, bank and systems development company. By completing this system, we aspire to become a company that rivals disaster prevention research institute. Our goal is to create a disaster prevention solution that goes beyond Tohoku and is effective worldwide and to go public on a stock exchange from Miyagi.”Under the theme of disaster pre-vention, ONETABLE is also spurring innovation in the existing businesses and rules.“For example, issuing a warning and preparing for a disaster are costly for local governments. There is a risk that they might spend money for nothing if damage is none or small. But this risk should not cause lost lives. I am entertaining an idea of insurance that covers such costs and enables them to carry out disaster prevention operations without fear of that risk.”Four pillars to guideONETABLEShimada has defined four pillars of operations to guide ONETABLE’s business. These are: setting up stan-dards, manufacturing, creating sys-tems and organizations, and creating a culture.“Based on the standards we set up, we manufacture a thing needed and create a system and organization. In the disaster prevention field, the thing needed is LIFE STOCK, and the system and organization correspond to the said disaster prevention system and a team to operate it. Also, we hope to create a culture by extending the system from Tohoku to throughout Japan and to the world.”He hopes to save the lives of people around the world with ONETABLE’s disaster prevention system.“The mission of ONETABLE is to solve issues we have seen, heard and felt during the disaster by applying the said four pillars all of which involve “creating something new.” We believe that only we, who have survived and risen from that mega disaster, can create a system that saves people’s lives in a true sense. This is what I would like to show to the world at the 10-year milestone.”ONETABLE Inc.1LIFE STOCK, a jelly-type emergency food product suitable for stockpiling, developed as “what we really needed then” 2Filling equipment used for LIFE STOCK at the Tagajo Plant, which is at the heart of the TOKINAX technology 3rokufarm ATALATA in Natori City, creat-ing local employment and vigor 4Spacious SHICHI NO Cafe & Pizza boasting a magnificent oceanfront view 5SHICHI NO YA welcoming the guests of SHICHI NO RESORT as an “oceanside station” just as community-rooted “roadside stations” that sell local specialties and are popular across Japan 6Harakomeshi, a local specialty dish of Miyagi served in an eatery in SHICHI NO YA456Jelly-type emergency food LIFESTOCK and ATALATA as a regional base.ONETABLE is deploying dried powder technologies in jelly-type emergency food products and building high barriers of storage system market against other competitor. Furthermore, ONETABLE has built strong confidence from community residents through holding neighborhood association festivals, food education activities, and operating an English-language nursery school at rokufarm ATALATA, which is also used as an evacuation site.Points for successExpectations of new formats through participation in foods for use in space.ONETABLE’s entry into foods for space is expected to bring a variety of technological returns. These include assuring nutrition, reducing stress, raising performance, innovating containers, and further ensuring long-term storage. I also believe this will be useful in further developing highly func-tional emergency food products and advancing toward new business formats.Points of expectationComments and evaluationby Editorial board memberYANAI MasayaE17

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