Case Studies of Business Recovery in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, 2019-2020

The package of LIFE STOCK is adaptable, mak-ing it easier for companies to use it as a novelty and PR tool.not save babies and elderly people who cannot ingest solid food. I thought and rethought ways to solve this problem and came up with LIFE STOCK.”The Great East Japan Earthquake became a major turning point for Shimada, who switched from being a promoter of primary industries to a player providing his own solutions to disaster-related issues.Creating new, bustlingvisiting spots in Natori and ShichigahamaAfter the disaster, Shimada worked to open commercial venues in disaster-affected areas: rokufarm ATALATA in Natori City and SHICHI NO RESORT in Shichigahama-machi. These venues are attracting both local people and tourists, adding vigor to the communi-ties. The former is a model farm where agricultural producers are directly engaging in processing and marketing operations. It has been built under the TOHOKU ROKU PROJECT that aims to create new jobs and revitalization models for Tohoku. It is a site to offer a total experience from food production and processing to sales, into which Shimada has generously channeled his business know-how accumulated since his school days.SHICHI NO RESORT is a new resort facing Matsushima Bay, one of Japan’s three most scenic spots. It is easily accessible from Sendai (about a 40-minute drive) and yet embraces a serene, intimate atmosphere. Its hotel, built outside the coastal levee, boasts a panoramic ocean view of Matsu-shima.Applying the technology to preserve food for five years to other fieldsHaving created new commercial venues in disaster affected areas and developed an all-new emergency food product, Shimada is now looking into the future beyond, noting, “Soon, a decade will pass since the disaster, and we have to show to the world what Tohoku and Japan have learned and brought forth from the disaster.”“If we fail to create new businesses and industries in Tohoku, people will never return or come to the region. So, I have been formulating various busi-ness plans under the theme of disaster prevention and calling for support from companies. For LIFE STOCK, being emergency food is only one aspect of the product. It can be a measure against terrorist attacks, because you can tell if it is unopened and is safe to eat by just looking at it. We have also named our technology that enables the storing of the product for five years at room temperature as “TOKINAX” (a coinage meaning to “eliminate time”) and have been exploring new applica-tions. Right now, our production cannot keep up with a flood of inqui-ries from many companies in the beauty care, medical and other fields even though our plant is operating at its full capacity.”ONETABLE is planning to expand its Tagajo Plant in the future. There is also TOKINAXTOKINAX is filling technology completed over 5 years of research and development. Best before date of 5 and half years after production has been realized by combining filling technology, packaging material of 4-layer film including aluminum, its shape, and recipe control technology.MIYAGI123E16

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