Case Studies of Business Recovery in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, 2019-2020

Butai Farm Co., Ltd.A corporation qualified to own cropland based in Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai City, calling itself an agricultural trading company. (The case article on Butai Farm is provided on page 40.)Farmers in Yamagata and other inland areasSendai and Yamagata are two neighboring cities, both being a home to their respective prefectural governments. The two cities interact actively through various events, including large food festivals that sell the local specialties of each prefecture.ONETABLE Inc.04Being active in Hokkaidocreated a link with TohokuONETABLE is a new company founded in 2016 after the disaster. Representa-tive Director Shimada Masayuki is a natural-born entrepreneur who had started a venture business while still in university. In his hometown Hokkaido, he had offered nature experience-based classes for children that com-bine education and agriculture.“I felt it wrong to let children, who have never actually touched soil, study science and agriculture. As a new study style to prepare them for en-trance exams, I started offering classes to interact with nature, which quickly became popular. Everyone noticed me and was wondering ‘Who’s that guy?’ everywhere I went because I brought many children along.”What linked Shimada, who was then active in Hokkaido, with Tohoku was Butai Farm Co., Ltd.“Agriculture is deeply connected with distribution, and I naturally started engaging in the distribution business. I sometimes took different views from the existing distribution operators and received quite a bashing for that.”Hearing the rumor about the young business leader in Hokkaido, President Haryu Nobuo of Butai Farm, an agricul-tural production corporation in Sendai, noted Shimada’s talent and invited him to Sendai in 2010.New emergency food to solve issues observed firsthand at evacuation sheltersShimada, after moving his base from Hokkaido to Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, started a business in collaboration with local farmers to help promote primary industries in 2010. The disaster hit them in the following year.“The disaster disrupted the existing distribution networks, and as super-markets and convenience stores were running out of stock, farmers in Yamagata and other inland areas sent vegetables to us. That was when I realized a distribution network that can withstand disasters and always pro-vide vegetables is literally our lifeline.”Even though Shimada himself was a disaster victim, he worked at many shelters, managing scarce supplies. What he saw made him think about what so-called “good-for-stockpiling” emergency food should be.“Many stockpiled emergency food products are hard biscuits and cookies, which need to be moistened to eat and are not suitable for babies and some elderly people. Also, these are mostly carbohydrates and not nutritionally balanced. Our jelly-type emergency food LIFE STOCK is an answer to these issues.”LIFE STOCK can be kept in stock for five years at room temperature, and besides providing required calories, is mixed with vitamins and dietary fiber for nutritional balance. It has drawn much attention as an emergency food product suited for all people, from infants to elderly people and those under medical treatment. Its potential usage includes space food, and the product is known to be a result of collaboration with the Japan Aero-space Exploration Agency (JAXA).“I lost people I care about by the disaster, and I learned in a hard way that the most important thing is to protect people’s lives. Hard biscuits do 2030500●Dec.: SHICHI NO RESORT opened in Shichigahama-machi.2017600●Aug.: BOSAI SPACE FOOD PROJECT (BSFP) launched jointly with JAXA.2018800●Sep.: Sales of LIFE STOCK emergency food started.20191,500(expected)20203002016●Established ONETABLE Inc.7501,50005002501,0001,250Strides toward recovery[SDGs] Toward 2030ONETABLE seeks to resolve issues oc-curring in conflict-affected regions and at refugee camps across the world by promoting the BSFP(BOSAI SPACE FOOD PROJECT) undertaken jointly with JAXA to create new businesses and resolve social issues from the collaborative viewpoint of disaster prevention and space operations.Work to solve issues associated with extreme states occurring worldwideTrends in net sales (million yen)March–February of following yearE15

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