Case Studies of Business Recovery in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, 2019-2020

MIYAGIIndustry typeFood Manufacturing, Food and Beverage RetailRepresentativeSATO Yoshihiko [Representative Director]Address2-12-3 Sakana-machi, Ishinomaki City,Miyagi PrefectureTEL.+81 (0)225-25-4363FAX.+81 (0)225-25-4362URLhttp://umaimono-ishinomaki.comIshinomaki Umaimono was established in January 2016 by 10 companies, namely Yamatoku Hiratsuka Suisan Co., Ltd., Minato Suisan Co., Ltd., Maruhey-Katsuobushi Co., Ltd., Suigetsudo Co., Ltd., Kakuto Suzuki Shoten, Suenaga Kaisan Co., Ltd., Fujikuni Bussan Co., Ltd.,Yamatomi Co., Ltd. (marine products processors), MCF Co., Ltd. (meat processor) and Denden Mushi Co., Ltd.(agriculture and forestry company).The company continues to grow by sharing expertise at a virtual joint production plant.Ishinomaki Umaimono Co., Ltd. Tourism promotion / Expanding interaction with localsTen companies including marine products processors join forces to deliver the delicacies of Ishinomaki to the rest of Japan03SummaryThe first unified brand products offered at the antenna shop after its launch proved to be a hit.Ten companies including marine products processors affected by the disaster established a joint-stock company.Representative Director Sato Yoshihiko with Hiratsuka Ryuichiro and Otsuka TomokoE10

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